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Concrete basements are time-proven to be useful living, working, or recreation areas.
Concrete basement walls may be painted. paneled, or left unfinished.
Concrete basements can be used as a indoor  quiet play areas.
Concrete in a home is one of the least expensive building materials.
Concrete basements add to the resale value of the house.
Concrete basements and foundations will never burn or rot.
Concrete basements serve as shelters from tornados, hurricanes, and other storms.
Concrete basements need little heat or air conditioning.
Concrete basements are easily insulated.
Concrete basement wall placement is a quick  construction method.
Concrete basements can be placed in any weather
Concrete basements need no costly periodic maintenance.  
Concrete walls and floors clean up easily after mishaps.
Colvin Concrete Inc, uses the unit price method to estimate all jobs.
We use Square ft. Linear ft and quantities (each). We include all material
and labor in our estimate. We also estimate all jobs buy phase.
Phase (1) foundations, phase (2) inside flatwork, and phase (3) outside flatwork.

In 1985 we began to use computers for Estimating, Scheduling and Accounting.
Over the years we've learned how to get the most value for our customers from
this technology. We can give you a fast accurate bid, that uses the same
pricing, job after job.

Because of our experience, when you call our office,  you will find us a valuable
resource for many of your construction needs. We can help with many questions
about  products and services.

Our Purpose...
To provide an estimate that is both meaningful and profitable for all our customers.
We want you to make money from our work.

Information includes:

Fast friendly turnaround of estimate
Clear easy  to understand estimates
Sharing tips and tricks others have found useful
7:00 AM to 5:00 PM customer help and estimating
Products that can save time, money, and trouble

Contact us at (219) 947-2913 or: mailto:Colvinconcrete@Gmail.com

About US   ·   News and Events   ·   Location   ·   Contact Us   ·   Estimating   ·   Our Work   ·   Links